This page provides you helpful information for preparing for an awesome program; actual plans depend on your needs.  Please contact me if you have questions!


__ 1 large room (preferably with windows)
__ 1 chair per person (prefer wheels; no tables)
__ 2 tables (for registration, food and beverages)
sound system (for music) (optional)
handheld microphone (for groups of 64+)

Materials for Program

__ 1 printed program* for each participant
__ 1 package of dots 
__ 1 roll white banner paper (min 30""x52'
__ 1 roll of painters tape (no damage walls)

Materials for Each Group (3 to 8)
__ 1 sturdy easel with flip chart paper 
__ 1 set of colored markers 
__ 1 pair of scissors
__ creativity supplies (optional) (fabrics, colored paper, old magazines, ribbons, beads/buttons, glue, tape, etc..)

__ food and beverages (build in to design)
lunch, dinner (pending design requirements)



For Small Group Programs
(3 groups of 5)

logistics groups (Small)- Screen.jpg

For Large Group Programs
(8 groups of 8)