Perceiving Pathways to Transformational Action

Explore, pursue and benefit 

  • Perceiving - seeing what hasn't been seen before, physically, mentally and spiritually
  • Pathways - connections; people are the pathways & pathways can bring us where we want to be
  • Transformative - change markedly in appearance or form; expansive consciousness
  • Action - initiate, practice, deliver, achieve


The objective of this program is for groups of people to pursue compelling opportunities for transformational action leading to fulfilling prosperous outcomes. 

During the initial conference, participants become present, explore, discover possibilities, envision futures, become energized and most are motivated to take action. During a four month period after the conference, actions are taken by those who are motivated and communities of support provide help along the way. After four months, participants reconvene for a one-day conference to reflect, plan and celebrate.


  • Create fulfilling prosperous outcomes that bring great joy.
  • Learn and practice a variety of helpful skills. 
    • Be present
    • Envision the future
    • Deal with transitions
    • Utilize helpful processes and tools 
    • Do more together than alone 


A variety of people with different points of view participate, such as:

  • Organizations searching for what the future could be.
  • People searching for what's next in life. 
  • Students discerning what path to take. 


This program grew out of the awareness that when a wide variety of people with interest in pursuing compelling opportunities come together in productive ways, new possibilities arise and awesome outcomes result. 

Take for instance the fact that many people and organizations are having issues discovering what to do next. Some are wrestling with dissatisfactions and are seeking a sense of purpose, calling, vocation, or profession. Many are responding to rapid rates of change: in the personal, professional, political, economic, social and other arenas. Most are dealing with high rates of anxiety leading to health, wellness, leadership and relationship issues, along with addictions and substance abuse.  In parallel, many people and organizations are providing help as coaches, mentors, doctors, spiritual directors, teachers, trainers, nutritionists, and more.   Some activities are going well and other activities could benefit from transformative changes yet to be discovered. People are the pathways and together we can perceive possibilities for transformational action leading to fulfilling prosperous outcomes; to go where we've not gone before.