IIN Leadership Development Program

Are you ready to lead?

You may follow others to meet their expectations, and rarely lead to meet your own desires. You may lead in ways that get you so far ahead of those following you that you leave them in the dust. Would you rather follow, lead leaving others in the dust, or lead productively? 

Who is it suitable for?

Anyone who wants to learn and practice skills in leadership are welcome. Some programs are suitable for any age. Others are designed for a specific group, such as students in transition from high school to college or work, professionals in transition from one job or career to another, or retired people in transition to what's next after retirement. 

What results can I expect?

Results relate to the individual intentions and commitments made by participants during the initial part of the program. Approaches include strong focus on learning and practicing collaborative, participatory leadership approaches proven to yield positive results for individual leaders as well as shared leadership amongst small to very large groups.

What does the program include?

The Leadership Development Program utilizes approaches that have delivered outstanding outcomes world wide for over thirty years within business, industry, not for profit, faith and government sectors. 

The IIN Leadership Development program consists of 5 simple powerful ingredients:

  • A workbook, regularly updated and embracing the materials for the program 
  • Eight weeks of action-packed workshops, including meals & refreshments
  • A support system to enable sustainable progress
  • The encouragement of effective networks within the group 
  • One action-packed day of celebration in which to share results and discern what's next, including lunch and refreshments.

Overall, the Leadership Development program tackles issues by helping you:

  • explore unknown territory
  • identify what matters 
  • be fully present
  • stay centered amidst anxiety
  • take personal responsibility
  • collaborate with others effectively
  • use connections to influence what gets done
  • do more together than can be done alone

What does the program cost?

The program costs vary based on plans defined with sponsor(s) of each program. See the catalog for upcoming programs.