Initiate Impact helps people achieve desired outcomes through participatory approaches. People often have a sense of what they want, but struggle to deal with complexity and organizational dynamics, making it hard to bring future possibilities into focus or to make the changes necessary to achieve success. The right mix of process consulting, facilitation, leadership development and coaching can help immensely. 

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We meet with you to understand what you are seeking. We collaborate with you to define, design and implement an approach that will help you achieve your desired outcomes. We apply best in class organizational development and systemic change processes proven successful worldwide.
For sponsors of small groups and large organizations.


We facilitate small and very large groups of people. Most often this includes one or more phases designed to help people: define a clear vision of the future, design a roadmap for the journey to the future, and implement action steps to bring a desired future to life. 
For small groups and large organizations, in meetings, workshops, retreats, programs.

Leadership Development 

We provide experiential training in how to lead and participate in meetings that matter. Many of us spend more time in meetings then we would like to, with lower quality results than are possible. By developing practical skills, you will be better equipped to communicate and work well with others. Use participative leadership skills to help you spend less to achieve more.
For individuals, small and large groups.


We meet individuals where they are and support their intentional pursuit toward what matters most to them. Coaching enables individuals to use anxiety as a springboard for creativity, to move from failure of nerve to courage, commitment and action rooted in what matters most. 
For individuals.

Create the future you desire.