Initiate Impact took us from chaos to order, from scrambled thinking to logic. We transformed from bystanders to active responsible participants as you guided us thru the process. You have the skills to take a company from confusion, conflict, stovepipe operation and inefficiencies, to teamwork, knowledge, accepting responsibility and steps to action to reach true goals.
— Carol Putnam, Retired Master Planner US Army Corps of Engineers & SCHC, Tennessee
Initiate Impact facilitated 100 of our organization’s leaders to discuss issues and make sense of complex desires so that we could see and agree on pathways that will get our organization where we want to be.
— Edwina Simpson, SCHC, Michegan
The group work was so consoling and energizing in opening up awareness of how we can start acting on our shared discoveries.
I valued meeting the others in this group on a deeper level – in many cases for the first time – (it was) enormously freeing and hope-giving to me in a time of transition. I loved discovering the value of the ‘Room of Confusion’.
I enjoyed the entire 3 days, especially hearing different points of view from a variety of participants. It felt like we had enough time to begin to unearth our common truths and passions: at the same time the conference left me wanting more conversation and connection with these very interesting individuals.
— Vis-A-Vis: Doing More Together Than Alone Participants
I wouldn’t be where I am now in my career without the help of Initiate Impact.
— Neeti Chokshi, Director of Product Management at Slate Studio, Los Angeles
Initiate Impact prepared our 800 member organization to take positive, concrete action on a vision of our future which had remained simply a dream over the previous three years.
— Susan Butler, SCHC, Massachusetts
The whole planning stage was an awesome experience. Writing the Mission Statement and hearing everyone’s thoughts and experiences was very insightful. Being mindful where others are coming from and just being in a room full of hopeful people was invigorating. I liked the way the facilitator kept us on track and pulled ideas from the group. It was very organized and that was appreciated. I really did enjoy our workshop.
— Sergeant Elena Moton, First Vice President Future Leaders OTR, Ohio
Thank you so much. I know we can all be “strong willed” at times but I thought you were fantastic. I’m sure we will utilize your skills again in the future.
— Michael Howard, Treasurer Future Leaders OTR Board of Directors, Ohio