As the founder of Initiate Impact, I enjoy helping small to mid-size organizations seize opportunities, resolve problems, and achieve aspirational outcomes.

With consulting, corporate and outsourcing experience, directing Fortune 500 clients, small business and nonprofits, my tools of choice are in facilitating multi-stakeholder teams, training leaders and optimizing technology for delivery of prosperous outcomes.

My greatest strengths are in connecting, relating, learning, responsibility and achieving; consciously getting to the root of what matters and why. Too often teams fall into the same pits over and over again, settling for less when they could achieve so much more. 

I value generating thriving productivity, helping teams:

  • Be focused on whole systems (people, partners, technology)
  • Frame plans with clarity (full view of multiple perspectives)
  • Engage in action believing that all involved are doing the best they can with what they have
  • Develop excellence in leadership, meetings & technology 

Success in a complex world requires collaboration, cooperation and competition. It’s exciting when organizations journey to and achieve what matters most to them.